• Windmill lattice and phase diagram of windmill antiferromagnet
  • Schematic figure showing quench to quantum critical point and universal aging behavior of order parameter.
  • Percolation in thin film oxide due to a combination of chemical and electrostatic doping


Our Theoretical Condensed Matter Research Group is based at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Iowa State University, and embedded in the lively condensed matter research environment of Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory. We investigate non-equilibrium dynamics of strongly correlated quantum materials and the effects of competing interactions and emergent order on the electronic properties of solids. To approach these questions we employ a combination of analytical and numerical techniques from field-theory and statistical mechanics. Our research is often guided by experimental results and strives to understand the impact of strong interactions on the properties of quantum materials.

Research projects



3. J. -Q. Yan, D. Pajerowski, Liqin Ke, A. M. Nedić, Y. Sizyuk, Elijah Gordon, P. P. Orth, D. Vaknin, R. J. McQueeney
Competing magnetic interactions in the antiferromagnetic topological insulator MnBi2Te4
arXiv:1908.02332 (2019). 

2. J. M. Wilde, A. Kreyssig, D. Vaknin, N. S. Sangeetha, Bing Li, W. Tian, P. P. Orth, A. I. Goldman, D. C. Johnston, B. G. Ueland, R. J. McQueeney 
Helical magnetic ordering in Sr[Co(1−x)Ni(x)]2As
arXiv:1907.11676 (2019). 

1. Na Hyun Jo, Lin-Lin Wang, Peter P. Orth, Sergey L. Bud'ko, Paul C. Canfield
Phenomenal magneto-elastoresistance of WTe2: strain engineering of electronic and quantum transport properties
arXiv:1901.05090 (2019)

Publications (until 08/13/2019)

38. Thomas L. Schmidt, Giacomo Dolcetto, Christopher J. Pedder, Karyn Le Hur, Peter P. Orth
Mechanical resonances of mobile impurities in a one-dimensional quantum fluid
arXiv:1809.06889 (2018), accepted in Phys. Rev. Lett..

37. Tianbai Cui, Xu Yang, Chirag Vaswani, Jigang Wang, Rafael M. Fernandes, Peter P. Orth
Impact of damping on the superconducting gap dynamics induced by intense terahertz pulses
Phys. Rev. B 100, 054504 (2019). 

36. Bing Li, B. G. Ueland, W. T. Jayasekara, D. L. Abernathy, N. S. Sangeetha, D. C. Johnston, Qing Ping Ding, Y. Furukawa, P. P. Orth, A. Kreyssig, A. I. Goldman, R. J. McQueeney
Competing magnetic phases and itinerant magnetic frustration in SrCo2As2
Phys. Rev. B 100, 054411 (2019).

35. Bing Li, Y. Sizyuk, N. S. Sangeetha, J. M. Wilde, P. Das, W. Tian, D. C. Johnston, A. I. Goldman, A. Kreyssig, Peter P. Orth, R. J. McQueeney, B. G. Ueland
Antiferromagnetic stacking of ferromagnetic layers and doping-controlled phase competition in Ca_{1−x}Sr_{x}Co_{2−y}As_{2}
Phys. Rev. B 100, 024415 (2019).

34. Rafael M. Fernandes, Peter P. Orth, Jörg Schmalian
Intertwined vestigial order in quantum materials: nematicity and beyond
Annu. Rev. Cond. Mat. Phys. 10, 133 (2019).

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